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Re-energizing battery storage for the grid

Relyion's next-generation platform optimizes second-life batteries for performance without compromise – at a fraction of the cost.

Why Relyion?

Battery Growth

Unmatched Capability

With 7 patents pending, our technology extends battery life by 20 years or more.

30-50% Lower Costs

We pass on savings from second-life batteries to offer steep discounts below first-life systems.

Battery Waste
Battery Waste

60% Less Carbon

Each MWh we deploy avoids 450 tons of emissions by skipping the mining, processing and manufacturing needed for new batteries.

Our Technology

Relyion offers scalable energy storage solutions for a range of applications, from C&I microgrids to large front-of-the-meter systems. Our standard guarantee covers 10 years, with optional enhancements extending coverage to 20 years or more. We support use cases from PV firming and load shifting to EV fast charging and microgrid islanding.

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