Repurposing retired EV batteries to enable longer and sustainable use of Li-ion batteries
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The Problem

Energy storage is growing at a phenomenal pace

729 GWh of energy storage needed globally by 2030*

365 GWh of energy storage in US by 2030*

Battery Waste

12 million tons of batteries retiring by 2030

227 GWh per year retiring by 2030 *

Independence from material supply limitations

Recycling Batteries

Countries/cities mandating repurposing and recycling

174B$ from Biden administration for EV energy storage market*

Repurposing/Recycling of batteries is criticallly needed


EV Battery Repurposing is Expensive

No fixed platform

No fixed platform

OEMs, Chemistry, Physical Footprint, Power/Energy Size, Degradation

Battery Health Distribution

Wide distribution

Existing BMS designed for new batteries that have tight distribution and are specific to OEMs

worst performer

Limited by worst performer

One single bad module/pack limits the performance of full ESS

stacking bar chart

Stacking is costly

Requires significant capex and labor for harmonization