Our Solution

Increased performance over conventional ESS

Optimizes perfomance with software and hardware modifications and additions

Specially designed and engineered by energy and sustainability veterans

No stacking required

No prior stacking/selection required

Not limited by worst performer

Battery performance harmonized

Harmonizes performance while in use

Plug and play

Works with different chemistries

Cold/Hot swapping

Healthier battery distribution

Tighter distribution

BMS and algorithms designed for batteries to limit their life

Applicable to new batteries for extending their useful life

Degraded packs used less, healthy packs used more

Relyion Solution

Turnkey ESS solution using second use batteries

Our Progress

Our Progress

Over half a million battery cycling runs completed for various 2nd Life batteries

200kWh 480V 3 phase grid tied system in operation 24x7

Algorithms and ML/AI based BMS and EMS solution

Multiple patent pending IP’s

Relyion Lab Counter

Extensive Test Experience

Built to Last

Built for Backup and Demand Reduction

Greenest Energy Storage Solution Ever